Spring Brings Nutrition Awareness

The start of Spring during the month of March is a time of refreshment and renewal for many.  For those who live in colder climates with shorter periods of time in the sun it is a time we look forward to the mental and physical health benefits of increased sun exposure.

Spring is also a time when many are thinking of renewing their health if they have gotten off track during the cold winter months.  Many of us gain weight in the winter, perhaps a natural response of our bodies to the colder weather and it's affect on the kinds of foods we are drawn to, or perhaps just because we've been lazy about our Nutrition.

March has been designated National Nutrition Month®, a month when the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, at one time known as The American Dietetic Association, sponsors a campaign by the same name.  They provide resources to help us focus in on our nutrition and food choices. 

As we march into the month of Spring after the winter season, what areas can you improve when it comes to your dietary choices and nutrition?  We hope that the information in the site mentioned above and the articles listed to the right will help you in your quest toward good Nutrition.

Updated 11/21/18

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