Diseases of the Heart and Circulatory System

In early February of 2005 my husband had a heart catheterization due to some symptoms he had been having.  Interesting timing, as February is a month set aside in the medical community as Heart Month, perhaps because it is also the same month as we remember Valentines Day.  The doctor felt that this was the most accurate way of determining whether or not there were any blocked arteries, or other arterial diseases.

My "Valentine" did fine with the catheterization, he had 40 - 50% blockages in two of his 5 arteries, the others were fine.  But he is a diabetic and has borderline high blood pressure, so needs to be watched carefully by his doctor.


Then in the summer of 2007, on Father's Day, my husband had a heart attack.  We didn't know what was happening at the time it occurred, I share the full story and more details at another location, and when I redo that page, will link to it here. It even included images of his x-rays before and after he had stents put in.  Yes, he had a stent put in a 100% blockage and another 2 weeks later in a 75% blocked artery.  He had gained quite a bit of weight, and suffered a good bit of stress. At the time, we were thankful that he sustained no serious heart damage. 

Fast forward to the summer of 2009 and he developed a heart irregularity that required a cardiac ablation, which put it back in proper rhythm, until the winter of 2010 when he had a bad case of the flu, and yes, he had a flu shot.  The battle goes on because he is a diabetic, and needs to keep his blood sugars and weight under control, and keep up with exercise.  

On November 1st of 2015, my husband once again had a heart attack, and a stent in time to save his life, according to the doctor. He also had another cardiac ablation right after Christmas to put his heart back in rhythm, and so far it has stayed in rhythm.

I sometimes wonder if he would have been much worse if it hadn't been for the many things I have done to help him nutritionally and with some supplements, like Mega-Chel (please contact me using the moderated comment form for a Fact Sheet if you would like more information about this product) that helps chelate plaque from the arteries.  The eating part, I do my part as his wife, but a person has to want to fight the battle against weight gain to be successful, and that is challenging.

You may also be interested in reading about Cardio-Assurance, use the moderated comment form below to ask for a Fact Sheet.

Updated 11/13/15

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