Fighting Cancer With Nutrition

My dear Mom was diagnosed with Leukemia when she was 65 years old, a cancer of the blood. 

She was in the hospital receiving chemotherapy treatments for a number of weeks, then came home cancer free, and had to go back into the hospital for a follow-up treatment.  I am thankful to say that she is in her mid-80's as of this 2012 update and doing very well.  After treatments her cancer went into remission and has never returned.


I know that this is not the way things go for everyone, and there is so much that can be said about cancer.  I want to give you a link to a posting I did on my blog some time back, talking about cancer and an interesting herbal remedy called Paw-Paw.  If you click here, you will be taken to the posting "Mom, Cancer and Paw Paw".

When you are dealing with cancer, the medical doctors have a role, and nutritionists like myself have a different role.  Nutritionists do not cure cancer, but provide you with a food and supplement program that will not interfere with any treatments that you may be receiving.

You should always make sure your oncologist and other doctors are aware of any supplements you may be taking, and your nutritionist aware of the things your oncologist does not want you to have. 
You need to be your own advocate, or if you are too weak to do so yourself, have someone like a family member advocate for you in this must be a team player in your treatment. 
People contact me often seeking help for cancer, but I am not taking clients at present.  Perhaps some of the resources and links on this page will be helpful to you with your battle against cancer.


Updated 1/17/13

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