Anxiety, Stress and the Nervous System

I can remember a time in my life when I just couldn't accept the fact that stress and anxiety were causing many of the health issues I was experiencing.  I suffered a nervous breakdown in the mid-1980's but could not accept that this was what was really wrong with me.

But it didn't take long for me to learn, not only through my own experience, but also in helping others, that stress plays a big role in our health or lack of health and well being.


When the body is under constant stress, it is drained more quickly of important minerals, especially calcium, and vitamins.  The adrenal glands become weakened, the immune system is challenged, and our ability to fight disease becomes less effective.

Feeding the body the proper nutrients through food and supplementation can go a long way in preserving the nervous system and organs in the body that are drained by constant stress.   

Nutritionists realize that you benefit from more protein at times of stress.  Below are a few things that you might find helpful during times of stress. Please contact me if using the moderated "comment" form below if you would like "fact sheets" for any of the following.  A few of the herbal products for stress should not be taken at the same time as some medical anti-depressants, all of this information is provided on fact sheets.  I will provide you with a source for these if you do not have one.
  • Nutricalm
  • Stress J
  • Chinese Mood Elevator
  • SAM-e
  • Calcium Plus Vit. D
  • Synerprotein
  • Stress Pack

Updated 5/6/13

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