Environmental, Food and Drug Allergies

When I think of allergies, the first thought that comes to mind is seasonal allergies, but there are other types of allergies, including food and environmental allergies.  Food allergies may include wheat allergy, peanut allergy, and even fruit allergy with uncomfortable symptoms for each.

A simple explanation for an allergic reaction may be the over-reaction of the bodies defenses against whatever it perceives to be an enemy to the body...even if it is something that many other people that you know do not have an allergic reaction too.



When it comes to food, my college studies included learning about both food sensitivities and food allergies. Before my studies I didn't know there was a difference between the two.  But even though what is happening in the body may be different, both can have an similar discomfort to the person suffering from them. 

When I was given an antibiotic years ago for Strep Throat, I discovered through hives and then welts on my body that I had a penicillin allergy.  The same home remedies to soothe the skin found here on this site may be beneficial for hives and welts caused by allergies condition, but you must stop taking the medicine immediately, and never take it again, as in the future your reaction will be even stronger, and perhaps very serious.  This is why many purchase a  Medical Alert ID Bracelet when they are allergic to certain medications or foods, or when medical tests performed by their doctor show that they have a high allergy count to one or more allergens.

In 2011 after being sick for quite a long time, I discovered that I had a lactose intolerance.  I wrote more about that on a page about chocolate for the lactose intolerant.

In the Spring the beautiful trees that are all over our property are budding and coating everything with their green pollen, a nightmare for those like myself with tree pollen allergies that cause respiratory symptoms.  In the fall, it's my son's turn, there is something in the air that has never agreed with him.  Both of our responses are the same, we sneeze and cough, and take ALJ to soothe our symptoms. If you are interested, please visit this link and search for ALJ

If I were to recommend one thing for seasonal allergies, it would be the the herbal combination mentioned above,  which acts as a natural decongestant and has properties that boost the immune system.  It is available in tablet, capsule or liquid form. It contains Mullein which has been used to open up the breathing, and Fenugreek which seems to help liquefy mucous.  It has other properties that help the immune response.  This is one of my FAVORITE herbal combinations. It works!!

If your allergies have irritated your sinuses to the point that infection is present, or has lead to other secondary infections, I would suggest adding Echinacea and Goldenseal, also available at this link, a combination of herbs historically used for their natural antibiotic and immune building properties. 

Allergies are often a sign of a weak immune system.  Weak immune systems can be a result of heredity, not eating properly, and extended periods of stress. If you do the work of building the immune system by changing your diet, and taking immune-building herbal foods, you will find that, over time, you will not experience allergy symptoms as severely, and in some cases, may no longer experience them at all.  


Image Credit: cenczi on Pixabay

Updated 11/2/18 


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