Health Benefits of Unfiltered Apple Juice

Apple juice or apple cider are almost staples around our home. We love going to orchards not far from us in the fall and getting some freshly made apple juice. 

Before I discovered that cloudy apple juice had more health benefits, I already preferred it over clear apple juice.  It made sense that if something was filtered out of the juice to make it clear, it must contain less nutrients.  Then I came upon a study that confirmed my thoughts, the information follows.

According to the leader of a study, Dr. Jan Oszmianski, "Cloudy apple juices contain much more antioxidant than clear."  Dr. Oszmianski is a researcher in the Agricultural University of Wroclaw.


Researchers reported that Oszmianski's team found that cloudy apple juice contained up to four times the level of poly-phenols, a group of antioxidant plant compounds. In experiments, cloudy juice was more effective as a free radical "scavenger" than clear apple juice. 

There are researchers at the University of California-Davis that fairly recently reported that apples and apple juice may help protect arteries from harmful plaque build-up. In the first study conducted in humans, adults who added two apples, or 12 ounces of 100% apple juice, to their daily diet demonstrated a significant slowing of the cholesterol oxidation process that leads to plaque build-up.  This gives the body more time to rid itself of cholesterol before it can cause harm. 

Enjoy some apples or cloudy apple juice each day and keep the doctor away!

Updated 10/31/18

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