My Gallbladder Flush Liver and Kidney Cleanses

Actual pictures of Gallstones from two different Gallbladder Flushes

The idea of doing a gallbladder flush to cleanse stones from the liver and gallbladder may seem odd to some of you, and showing pictures of the results stranger yet, but after doing these cleanses since the mid-1980's, I'm convinced of the benefits and can't help but share them. Pictured above are results from two different flushes.

The procedure is described below. The pictures only show 1/2 (or less!) of the stones passed, those that came out "clean", many others passed throughout the day in each case. The image on the left above taken 11/08/03 shows the largest stone I've EVER passed in my years of doing this cleanse.  As I update this in October of 2018, I realize that many reading this will want to know that I have done this cleanse recently. I no longer need to do this cleanse, but believe it or not, I have kept the stones frozen as so many can't believe that a cleanse like this is possible. I am happy to have been able to do this cleanse to detoxify my liver and gallbladder for as long as I did.

Below, you will see a list of supplements that I have found to be helpful. 


Below you will also find information describing my flush procedures with the dates when they were done, and other little helpful bits of information...the most recent information first. 

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>>> As I update this in October of 2018, all of the following is still relevant, hard to believe it was that long ago! <<<

DECEMBER 19, 2005 -  A very successful flush.  I did what is described below in March, 2002, using enema rather than the last dose of Epsom salts in the morning.  I didn't sleep through this one, and had some rapid heartbeat which isn't uncommon, and usual nausea when stones were passing, but it was painless, as usual.

SEPTEMBER 30, 2004 - Did "the flush" but didn't take pictures this time. The results were pretty much the same as you see above, but no large stones. The thing unique about these was the white deposits that were blended in the stones, and spots of white on some. I believe these may be the calcified ones that have been showing up in my ultrasounds. They weren't hard as rock, the white part was soft but firm as well. 

NOVEMBER 8, 2003 - Did another flush, picture on right above shows some of the results. If you read the procedure below dated March of 2002, that's what I did with a few exceptions. I only drank apple juice for a few days before, and not as much as had in March. I prepared enough Epsom Salts and Grapefruit Juice for 2 "doses", and in the morning, did enema rather than take Epsom salts again. All the rest was pretty much the same.

JUNE 2003 - Interesting story - I went for an ultrasound for a female concern, and while there, asked the radiologist if she would mind taking a peek at my gallbladder, which she said she'd do but not report. She asked why, and a bit timidly (because the medical folks aren't always "into" these natural things), I told her about the flushes I'd been doing. She got quite excited and said "oh, I know all about those!" We looked together at my gallbladder which still had stones, but none that we could see looked very large. She told me that from my description of the size of ones I had been passing she could see that there should be no problem passing those in the gallbladder. She told me that to really clear it out, I should "flush" three nights in a row. I am not sure whether or not I'll do that, but am considering it...some feel that you should wait a couple weeks between flushes to give the stones that have been packed together in the gallbladder time to loosen up a bit, and what may be in the liver ducts time to move down into the gallbladder.

MAY 2003 - Did flush, not very productive, so will repeat when I can. 

MARCH 7, 2003 - I did another flush (sometimes takes 3-4 to really clean out the liver/gallbladder, and passed smaller, softer stones. Followed the same routine as described in the procedure below, but did not drink daily apple juice, just as desired 3 days before. Passed quite a few stones and a lot of sludge. I'm typing this one week later, and have been so much better, but still notice a twinge here and there depending upon what I eat, so will give it another go in a month or so. But again, do not have any gallbladder pain after meals. 

REGARDING THE FOLLOWING PROCEDURE, all the usual disclaimers apply. Should you decide to try these cleanses, you are responsible for your choice and the outcome. I am only sharing my experience.

Following is the basic procedure I followed, with variations at times as stated above. But this will give you the basics that have worked for me:

MARCH 29, 2002

Today I completed the following cleanse with success. It has been 5 years since I last did this flush, something I had been doing quite regularly (once or twice a year) since the mid-1980's. It is similar to the Hulda Clark approach.  Hulda Clark has become popular for promoting this cleanse, and she has good ideas, but sometimes is a bit "over the top" for me, but thats MHO. Still, she provides a lot of great and very helpful information. She strongly suggests a parasite cleanse before. I didn't have time to do a parasite program, and got good results, but you may want to consider doing one. To rid yourself of parasites you may want to consider a Parasite Cleanse. Fresh figs chewed well, shelled pumpkin seeds or Herbal Pumpkin Formula, Black Walnut Extract, Capsules or Concentrate and Garlic are all good for ridding the body of parasites. All of the items mentioned are available through this link.

Now here's what I did:

  • For 5 days drank between a quart and a gallon of ORGANIC APPLE JUICE each day. Ate and drank normal diet throughout the first 4 days.

  • 5th day did liquid diet, Protein Powder in soy milk for breakfast and lunch. Continued my apple juice drink, also drank fresh squeezed juice of grapefruit. Do not eat fat on this day, you want the bile to build up for a good flush. Take it easy this day, and plan to be home after 2 pm.


  • Prepare your EPSOM SALTS and GRAPEFRUIT & WATER early enough so that when stored in the refrigerator it will be cold enough to be more palatable. To do this, combine the following in a beverage container: 2 1/4 cups of FRESH SQUEEZED GRAPEFRUIT JUICE if needed, add water to "stretch" to the full 2 1/4 cups of liquid, then add  3 Tablespoons of EPSOM SALTS.  This will make three 3/4 cup servings to be used as described below at 6 pm, 8 pm and the last serving first thing in the morning if you need it to get your bowels moving.

  • Take your FRESH GRAPEFRUIT, COLD PRESSED VIRGIN OLIVE OIL, and Flax Seed Oil out of the refrigerator so it will be room temperature by around 9:30 p.m.

  • 6 P.M. Drink your first 3/4 cup of the Epsom Salt Mix. This will act as a laxative to clean you out, and also relaxes the biliary ducts as it is Magnesium Sulfate. (Magnesium relaxes smooth muscle tissue.)

  • 8 P.M. Drink your second 3/4 cup of Epsom Salt Mix. (The 3rd 3/4 cup can be used first thing in the morning if you need it).
  • You should be making several trips to the bathroom if all goes well within an hour or so, so stay home.

  • 9:30 pm. combine 1/4 cup Flax Seed Oil, 1/4 cup COLD PRESSED VIRGIN OLIVE OIL, and JUICE OF 2-3 FRESH GRAPEFRUITS (fresh will liquefy the oil - canned, bottled or frozen will not, use fresh!). Shake together very well.

  • Get all your bedtime preparation done, and continue your trips to the bathroom.

  • 10 p.m. Shake your oil/juice mix together, drink it down, and immediately lie down flat on your back with your head comfortably propped by a pillow to help keep oil drink down, or on your right side with your right knee bent comfortably toward chest. Stay completely still for 1/2 hour, you may have urge to go to the bathroom, but try to stay in place for that time. You want as much oil as possible to get from your stomach to small intestine and gallbladder. If you need to get up and and "go", try to wait about 1 hour into this part, and immediately get flat on my back or on right side again.  If you must get up, do so, but get back to bed as quickly as possible.

During the night, about 1-3 hours into this, you may experience waves of nausea, and urge to go to the bathroom. You may have a great urge to get up and go to the bathroom. When this happens, I usually do my best to lay still and ride it out until the urgency subsides, then go to the bathroom. If you go when the nausea has died down, you will be less likely to throw up. Also, the reason you are having the nausea may be because stones are passing, you don't want to stop the process of the stones passing by getting up if at all possible. Many sleep right through all this, but that has not been my experience (until the November 2003 flush, I slept through that one!), I am a light sleeper. You may not be able to stay in bed if the urge is strong, that's okay too, but do your best to stay in bed as much as possible, and get back to bed as quickly as possible after your visit to the bathroom. Remember that the nausea means that cleanse is working and stones are passing, when they pass the nausea subside. Also remember that if you do not have nausea, it does not mean it's NOT working. If you have a particularly stubborn stone, you may have an unpleasant time, but this is rare, and it is best to relax and not worry. The large stone you see in the November picture above, which was over 1" in length and over 1/2" in width passed with no trouble. 

Here's how my night went in March 2002:

After taking 10 pm. "cocktail" laid in bed, got up to finish the work the Epsom salt had been doing at about 11 pm. At about 11:30 or 12 started with waves of nausea, lay very still and relaxed as possible. At about 3 had to get up and go...surprisingly already passed many very small green stones, and many many MANY little bits of yellow fat (chaff), I was surprised at how much, and how early this happened, this has not been my past experience. I was weak, by the way, and dizzy, but happy to see my work was not in vain. Back to bed, nausea continues, up for more at about 5 pm, not as many little stones, but still quite a few. Nausea continues until about 6:30. I finally got a few hours sleep. Got up at about 9:30, drank third dose of the Grapefruit/Epsom salt mixture, and continued to pass chaff, little stones, and sludge throughout the day. Had only liquids, protein drink for lunch and a piece of whole grain bread. For dinner had regular meal, this triggered the moving of more sludge/stones that passed with same symptoms as night before, but passed very quickly, about 3 hours after meal. Today, two days later, I am still a bit weak and a little tired, but returned to normal diet. 

The things that I notice is that the tightening across the upper abdomen is gone, pain in my right shoulder and under right ribs is gone, in fact all my aches and pains are gone. Sinuses are clearing out. Eyes do not feel as dry. Overall feel tired, but a great sense of relief. I had let this go for about 5 years. I plan to do this again. Cholesterol deposits and small stones form in the many small ducts it the liver and may still be moving out into the gall bladder, and stones that were "packed" into the gallbladder may not have all come out, and now have room to loosen and be ready to be flushed out later. 

Some foods that you might want to munch on and eat if you tend to have gallbladder trouble would be Grapefruit (if you aren't on medications that contra-indicate it, like won't harm you to combine the two, grapefruit makes the dose of lipitor and similar drugs you take close to eating the grapefruit useless which can be a very expensive waste depending upon the medication), radishes, turmeric spice, hydrangea, liver-stimulating herbal combinations (would be better to start these after cleansing, as they may cause discomfort in a liver that needs a good flushing), Apple juice, apples, red beets, Red Beet Formula (Note: if you are inclined toward high blood pressure, use any products that contain licorice root with care, making sure you are getting enough potassium, or avoid all together) . These are things that are known to increase flow of bile, and soften stones. You may also want to support the liver by taking Milk Thistle Combination or other herbal combinations mentioned above that nutritionally support the liver and gall bladder. 

Now, here is why I am not doing the gallbladder flush any longer, though I believe it is still a wonderful cleanse.

Updated 10/31/18

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