Do People get Parasites?

None of us want to think there is a possibility that little creatures, or Parasites, are living inside us.   In some parts of the world, people accept the fact that they can be hosts to parasites, and on a regular basis, take something to purge themselves of parasites.


Parasites don't have to be as large as a tapeworm, they can be small, even too small for the eye to see.  I remember looking at a film of a live blood analysis, blood looked at under extremely high magnification, so that you could see the blood cells themselves.  In one case, you saw a very small parasite swimming between the blood cells.  I know that sounds hard to believe, but it is true.  There are books and other websites that go in great depth on parasites, with many pictures of parasites, but being rather weak in the stomach about such things, I'm going to spare you some o those details. This is a subject worth your time exploring, however.

Here are a few videos of human parasites, not pleasant to view, so view at your own risk:



That's about all I can handle right now.

A few things that help with parasites include eating pumpkin seeds and figs, but these are probably not enough to completely rid the body of these unwelcome guests.

Visit and search for the following items through the search field and click on the images that come up for more information. These are natural remedies for parasites. The usual disclaimers apply.

Herbal Pumpkin

Black Walnut (capsules or liquid)
Chinese Para-Cleanse


Updated 11/6/18

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