Almond Health and Nutrition Facts

Early on in my reading about healthy foods, Almonds were high on the list.  I was new to finding health through nutrition at the time, and from my reading, Almonds were among the super-foods.  I loved eating them already, so it was great to hear this news.  

Almonds are delicious roasted or raw, but heating can destroy some of the valuable vitamins and nutrients in the Almond, so my preference is raw.  Following you will find some more information about almonds and their health and nutrition benefits.  There is a lot of protein in almonds, but also notice the importance of the "skin" on the edible part of the almond.


Almonds are a wonderful whole food, and science has discovered the benefits of eating them in their whole form. Recent research reveals that the flavonoids in almond skin work in synergy with the vitamin E found in almonds. This synergistic combination creates more than 200% the antioxidant power of the almonds and almond skins when separated. Jeffrey Blumberg, Ph.D, who is the senior scientist and director of Antioxidants Research Lab at Tufts University at this typing states that "We have identified a unique combination of flavonoids in almonds.  Further blood tests demonstrated that eating almonds with their skins significantly increases both flavonoids and vitamin E in the body. This could have significant health implications, especially as people age."

Blumberg's team tested the effects of almond skin's flavonoids alone and then in combination with the vitamin E found in almonds. The tests were done on blood samples containing LDL cholesterol. While almond skin flavonoids alone enhanced LDL's resistance to oxidation by 18%, when the almonds vitamin E was added, LDL's resistance to oxidation was extended by 52.5%! 

"The synergy between the flavonoids and vitamin E in almonds demonstrates how the nutrients in whole foods such as almonds can impact health," says Dr. Blumberg.

Almond Milk is also a favorite alternative to dairy for us since I am now lactose intolerant. 

Tip:  Almonds can be difficult for some to digest.  Some soak them overnight before eating.  In any case, chew them very well before swallowing.  This will help with digesting them, and like any food, improve how many nutrients are released for use by the body.

Updated 11/13/15


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