Ovarian Cyst Healed with Nutrition & Juicing

Dr. Elson M. Haas, M.D., in his wonderful book, "Staying Healthy with Nutrition" states that while true fasting is consuming only water, "juice fasting is more common, provides more nutrients, and can be undertaken for a much longer period of time than water fasting, but it is still deficient in total nutrition.
"Drinking only fruit and vegetable juices can be done for several days, a week or two, or even longer; the longer the fasting is done, the more problems (called "cleansing reactions" by those experiencing them) and deficiencies may be experienced......though I do not suggest fasting as a weight-loss diet, I do feel that it is one of the best natural therapeutic tools available to the healing arts, given the right situation".


I have a friend who has a wonderful story to share about how juice fasting and good nutrition benefited her. One of the people that helped her encourages the use of the same supplements and methods that I do.  I hope you will enjoy her story, which follows.


New Years Eve was over and a new year was just beginning. Thinking that my year was going to begin healthy soon faded away when I woke up to a piercing pain in my lower left side. The pain had been off and on in the fall; however, I was able to ignore it and shake it off as something small.

This specific morning was different. The pain didn't go away. It stayed.

I couldn't call for a doctors appointment because that Monday was a holiday and everyone was off for vacation. I did not want to go and sit in the ER, so I took Ibuprofen all weekend. On Tuesday, I called to get in; but could not be seen until the next day. When I went in to see the PA; she thought it might be cysts on the ovary, but wasn't sure and ordered an ultrasound. When I went to schedule an ultrasound, the receptionist said that they couldn't get me in until February.

I couldn't believe it! I was totally frustrated by the time I got home to call the doctor's office. Since we are military, and are on government medical insurance, I had to wait until the end of February to have an ultra-sound done. There were other people on the list ahead of me.  [Personal note from me...not Wendy...it seems our Military should receive better care than that...and it gives a picture of what federally funded health insurance might look like...causes one to pause and think...but in this case it had a good outcome.] So, the doctor put me on two kinds of medicine. I do not remember their names; however, I do remember that it caused drowsiness. And, for me, when medicine causes drowsiness; I am affected two times more than the average person. I home-schooled my children and was expected to be on this medicine!

My children's piano teacher was a Distributor for (a company that supplies supplements and other products). She introduced me to the vitamins earlier in the year; and now she would share with me more information about "organic and herbal" supplements. She put me on 2 Tablespoons of Olive Oil to help cleanse my body, and Chamomile tea. Meanwhile, another friend introduced me to someone selling Nature's Sunshine Products. Through both of these companies I was able to begin a path back to "wellness".

I stopped eating meat, processed foods, pasta, and anything else with sugar; preservatives, msg, etc. I bought organic fruits and vegetables and began to juice. My family stayed on regular food because they needed it; however, I knew (from books and literature that I was reading) that I needed to cleanse my body and nurse it back to health.

The date for my ultra-sound came. It showed a cyst the size of a golf ball inside of my left ovary. The doctor overseeing the ultra-sound recommended surgery. My husband was beside himself! I had my cervix removed at 33 because of health issues...going to one ovary would totally put me into menopause at 36! He would not hear of it and made me call to see a Gynecologist. Again, with government medical insurance...I had to wait until early April.

During this time my pain was becoming less and I was beginning to believe that the juicing was healing my body. April came and I went to see the Gynecologist. She wanted to put me on the pill. I didn't want to get on the pill because of the side effects. My husband and I were able to convince her to let me stay with "juicing" for a while longer. She gave me one month. So, after leaving her office I set up an appointment for the end of May.

On my next ultra-sound visit I had the same technician. When she examined my left side she could not believe that I even had a cyst a few months earlier. Her comment was, "If I hadn't seen the cyst myself, I wouldn't believe you even had one. You don't have a cyst inside your ovary at all!" She was just amazed.

I went out rejoicing! No surgery...no pill! ALL NATURAL!

I am convinced to this day, that a person can heal their body. It's not going to be overnight...it's not intended to be overnight. Healing is intended for a period of time. My healing came with strong Faith in God and relying on His wonderful provisions: Fruits and Vegetables. The healing foods He provided for all of us.


The above story was shared with us a while back.  At the time Wendy Clouse was, and we trust still is, married to a wonderful husband who was in the military, and she is the mother of 3 beautiful children.  At that time she lived in Colorado where she was home-schooling her children and supplementing the family income with her own home business. We hope that one day Wendy will find her way back here and let us know how she is doing.


Updated 11/5/18 

Disclaimer:  None of the information in this article should be used to diagnose or treat disease.  Contact your health care provider before attempting any type of fast.  You are responsible for what you decide to do with the information provided, and the outcome.

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