10 Iron Mineral Facts

Iron is a mineral that is important to many, but may be cause for concern for others. Here are a few helpful facts about iron:

  1. Iron is needed and essential for the formation of hemoglobin found in our red blood cells.  
  2. Iron promotes transport of oxygen in the muscles through formation of myoglobin, also in the blood.
  3. Iron helps prevent anemia...a result of iron deficiency...and helps to stimulate the immune system.
  4. A lack of iron can cause fatigue.
  5. Iron is found in organ meats such as the liver, heart, kidneys, shellfish, and in vegetables such as whole grains, dried beans, fruits, leafy dark green veggies, nuts, and black-strap molasses...oh, and from cooking with cast iron.
  6. Though there are vegetables that contain iron, some on vegetarian diets may benefit from iron supplements.  
  7. Iron deficiency is usually called Anemia, and some symptoms that may indicate it are pale appearance to skin, fatigue, labored breathing when exerting oneself, and heart palpitations...as always, these symptoms can be caused by other things, but it's worth considering if you are suffering from all of these symptoms together...your doctor can determine this through blood testing.
  8. RDA for men is less than woman - for men it's about 10 mg and women, 18 mg especially when menstruating.  Men are best off getting iron from their daily diet....do not take excess iron.
  9. Vitamin C improves absorption of Iron, so you may want to take your iron with vitamin C supplement or drink of fruit juice like orange juice.
  10. Use organic iron, not inorganic (ferrous sulfate) which destroy Vitamin E. Organic irons include ferrous fumarate, ferrous citrate and ferrous gluconate
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Posted 8/23/20

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